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We help companies create and deliver valuable information to researchers in the scientific community through a process we refer to as Informatizing™. Researchers are tired of reading websites full of press releases, corporate earnings commentaries, and blatant product chatter. Can you blame them?


in-for-ma-tise verb [trans.]

  • Describe or draw attention to a product, service, or event to people who care
  • To market in a manner that is no longer considered advertising, but rather an exchange of useful information with those who want to hear what you’re saying
Informatizing™  on EpiGenie creates awareness of your products, services, and institutional knowledge without using tons of irrelevant, blining banners or other lame tactics that distract from what really matters most–content. Great content helps researchers and other enthusiasts stay in touch with the field and learn more about what tools and approaches can help them succeed at the bench.

Content marketing takes more effort than just leasing you “real estate” on our site or handing over our email newsletter list, but the good news is that it works and we handle everything for you. That means you can spend your time on more pressing matters in or outside of the office.

EpiGenie Informatizing™ Plans

We offer a variety of ways to fine tune your Informatizing™ game on EpiGenie so drop us a line with your key info below and we’ll follow up right away and plan your path to product stardom.

EpiGenie Content Marketing Services

Our content marketing isn’t just limited to promotion within EpiGenie.com. We provide a full range of content marketing services that can help you from developing your initial content marketing strategy through implementation with leading digital marketing and optimization platforms. Our experienced team, comprised of editors, technical writers, project managers, marketers, and designers, has created thousands of assets for websites, blog posts, technical guides, ebooks, webinars, and everything in between.

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