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Kickstarting New Antibiotic Discovery with Microbial Dark Matter

Public health has a looming, if slow-simmering, crisis. Antibiotics, which revolutionized health care in the 20th century, are losing their… [ more ]

Uncovering New Roles and Intimate Friends for TETs

5hmC was originally discovered way back in the 50’s in bacteriophages and was first observed in mammals in the 70’s,… [ more ]

Plotting the Path to Pluripotency Uncovers Key Role of DNA Methylation

If you’ve read our recent piece ‘Reprogramming Roadmap Reveals Fuzzy New Stem Cells‘ you’ll already know how “Project Grandiose” [1,… [ more ]

Genome Editing Timeline

Since its inception, the field of genetic engineering has introduced DNA to plenty of nips, tucks, and modifications all in… [ more ]

A “Grandiose” Project Provides a Fuzzy New Future for iPSC Research

Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSCs) research burst on to the scene in 2006 with a paper which has since spawned… [ more ]