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Genome Editing Timeline

Since its inception, the field of genetic engineering has introduced DNA to plenty of nips, tucks, and modifications all in… [ more ]

The Embryonic Journey of DNA Methylation Dynamics

Two recent Nature papers made big strides in understanding mammalian embryonic DNA methylation. The Meissner and Eggan team from Harvard… [ more ]

Webinar: Using CRISPR/Cas9 Technology for Editing Genes in Haematopoietic Cells and Mice

Presented by: Dr Marco Herold, Laboratory Head, Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division, The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical… [ more ]

Webinar – Bringing ChIP Seq Data into Focus: Advanced Normalization Strategies

If you’ve ever struggled to make sense of your ChIP Seq data, then check out this webinar presented by our… [ more ]

5′ UTR miRNA Targeting

The nightly news lately makes it seem like the world has gone upside down, and now we’ve got some science… [ more ]