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Grow Your Own Gut with 3D Stem Cell Differentiation

The recent Hollywood trend of adapting much beloved movies from two-dimensional (2D) into 3-dimensional (3D) offerings hasn’t met with the… [ more ]

On the Trail of Naïve Human Pluripotent Cells

The creation of pluripotent stem-cell lines from early embryos has enabled the indefinite capture in vitro of one of nature’s… [ more ]

Two New Players for Better Differential Peak Detection in ChIP-Seq

Sometimes bioinformatics can seem a bit mystical, particularly when a tool arrives that makes you wonder what you were wasting… [ more ]

Upcoming Webinar: The Polycomb Group Proteins in Cancer

The webinar will begin with an introduction to Polycombs and their importance in developmental and stem cell biology. Then I… [ more ]

Upcoming Webinar: DNA Methylation Changes During Cell Differentiation

DNA methylation is a key epigenetic mechanism and plays a fundamental role in differentiation as it drives and stabilizes gene… [ more ]