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Epigenetic Sequencing Woes Overcome by Services Know-how

Sequencing technologies have created a dizzying number of opportunities for epigenetic researchers to explore questions that couldn’t be tackled before…. [ more ]

Review: Crosslinking-Immunoprecipitation (CLIP) Methods

RNA-protein interactions are key to understanding human health and disease. Crosslinking-immunoprecipitation (CLIP) and related technologies are powerful tools for characterizing… [ more ]

Keeping Tabs on Off-Target Effects of Genome Editing

While the fashion and music tastes of the late 1980’s was rather questionable, it was a time of historic technological… [ more ]

Cellular Transdifferentiation: Meet the 21st Century Alchemists

For centuries, some of the world’s leading scholars worked endlessly with one objective, to turn ordinary metals into gold. Now,… [ more ]

Bacterial Kryptonite Uncovered in the Biological Dark Matter Mines

Public health has a looming, if slow-simmering, crisis. Antibiotics, which revolutionized health care in the 20th century, are losing their… [ more ]