Stem Cell Research Headlines

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miRNA-Switches Makes Cell Selection Pure and Simple

As any sports coach, hopeful lottery winner, or child in a candy store will tell you, an effective selection strategy… [ more ]

Could Chromatin Organization be the Key to Eternal Youth?

For thousands of years great men such as Alexander the Great and Ponce de León have searched far and wide… [ more ]

A TET-à-TET Between SIRT6 and 5hmC Controls Embryonic Stem Cell Fate

With many political parties fighting it out for influence in the UK general election last week, it is nice to… [ more ]

CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing of Human Embryos: A Look at the Science

Unless you were on Mars or in the middle of a Netflix binge, you couldn’t have missed the paper that… [ more ]

Pioneering Transcription Factors Wiggle Towards Pluripotency

Canoes, camels, cars and catamarans have carried human pioneers far and wide; taking us to undiscovered lands to encounter unseen… [ more ]