Stem Cell Research Headlines

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Transdifferentiation Treatment Tackles Root of Cancer Resistance

Every gardener knows the key to successful weeding; extract the entire root because even a small section can regenerate the… [ more ]

Researchers Don’t Miss a Beat with New Heart Chip

Chips, in most incarnations, are bad for the heart.  Whether you’re frying them, baking them into cookies, or carrying one… [ more ]

iPSCs and CRISPR the Dynamic Duo of Regenerative Medicine

Laurel and Hardy, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Batman and Robin – can we now add iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells) and… [ more ]

How microRNAs Multi-task RNA Methylation to Enhance Reprogramming Efficiency

It’s no secret that microRNAs are pretty busy molecules. A single microRNA can regulate the expression of several, maybe even… [ more ]

Stem Cell Therapy Provides Respite for Radiotherapy-Treated Rodents

Radiotherapy is an important and effective tool in the war against cancer, but its use for treating brain tumors brings… [ more ]