Stem Cell Research Headlines

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The Differentiation Race: Not all Cells Move at the Same Speed

Christoph Bock discusses his recent paper ‘Single-Cell DNA Methylome Sequencing and Bioinformatic Inference of Epigenomic Cell-State Dynamics‘ published in Cell… [ more ]

Mass-tering the Stem Cell Reprogramming Process

Chaotic, uncoordinated, and seemingly without rhyme or reason…no, it’s not the daily stampede towards the barista for your first coffee… [ more ]

Young Mitochondria Maintain Stem Cell Self-renewal

For many commuters, good maintenance may make the difference between getting to work on time or waiting in the cold… [ more ]

DNMT1 Loss is Lethal in Human But Not Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Mouse models have been great to science, they’ve given insight into humans in ways simply not possible in humans. However, while… [ more ]

Transdifferentiation Strategy Weeds Out Immature Cancer Cells

Every gardener knows the key to successful weeding; extract the entire root because even a small section can regenerate the… [ more ]