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Key Factors that Mend Broken Hearts

Jimmy Ruffin once asked, “What becomes of the broken hearted?” and the answer is normally found on a barstool or at the bottom of an ice cream tub. But for those suffering from the much more visceral consequences of a heart attack, the therapeutic avenues down which they can travel are more limited and less […]


Sorting the Old from the New – Cellular Barriers Keeps Stem Cells Young

Alongside smartphones, coffee shops, and bars, we all also need properly functioning stem cells to survive and prosper. Indeed, the stem cell theory of aging posits that the malfunctioning of stem cells in our later years, and not all that caffeine and alcohol, is the major cause of human aging. So how do we keep […]


Stem Cells Cycle their Way towards Differentiation

Genes that code for some developmental regulators in embryonic stem cells (ESCs) might be excused if they seem a little confused. The regulatory signals they receive from their enveloping histone environment are a combination of “Stop!” and “Go!” signals for their transcription. Although this seems counterintuitive, this combination of modifications, known as a bivalent domain, […]


Two Cocktails to Boost Reprogramming to Neurons

Trendy drinks come and go, but it looks like there are a couple of new cocktails that will have some staying power within the stem cell community. In last week’s issue of Cell Stem Cell, two independent groups report in back-to-back papers the development of small molecule chemical cocktails, which enable neurons to be directly derived […]


Human Nuclear Transfer and iPSCs: New Strategies for the Treatment of Mitochondrial Disease

We recently brought you news of an exciting study led by Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte in which his group successfully eliminated mutant mitochondrial (mt)DNA in oocytes to inhibit germline transmission of currently incurable mitochondrial diseases. Well he’s back, and this time he brought a friend.  Shoukhrat Mitalipov has teamed up with Izpisua Belmonte in a […]