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Two Cocktails to Boost Reprogramming to Neurons

Trendy drinks come and go, but it looks like there are a couple of new cocktails that will have some staying power within the stem cell community. In last week’s issue of Cell Stem Cell, two independent groups report in back-to-back papers the development of small molecule chemical cocktails, which enable neurons to be directly derived […]


Human Nuclear Transfer and iPSCs: New Strategies for the Treatment of Mitochondrial Disease

We recently brought you news of an exciting study led by Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte in which his group successfully eliminated mutant mitochondrial (mt)DNA in oocytes to inhibit germline transmission of currently incurable mitochondrial diseases. Well he’s back, and this time he brought a friend.  Shoukhrat Mitalipov has teamed up with Izpisua Belmonte in a […]


Stem Cell Derived Brain Orginoids Reveal a Root of Autism

Two cutting edge stem cell techniques have joined forces this week to produce a breakthrough in our understanding of the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Years of study have gone into assessing if specific mutations in autism-associated genes contribute to the abnormal brain development observed in ASD with little or no luck. Seeing this […]


Stem Cell Reprogramming – Leaner, Quicker, Cheaper, Better

“More for less” is a phrase that generally gets most people excited, and scientists trying to make induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are no exception. The reprogramming of somatic cells to generate iPSCs aims to bring patient-specific cell replacement therapies to the masses, but the process currently suffers from obstacles common to new technologies – […]


Nukes Aid Stem Cell Research in the Heart

Researchers from the laboratory of Jonas Frisén at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have recently put radioactive carbon from nuclear bomb tests to good use, testing whether the adult human heart has the ability to repair itself. So how does that work? Well, a sharp rise in atmospheric radioactive carbon in the 1950-60s due to […]