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Keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape for epigenetics and non-coding RNA research can be daunting. Learn more about the available methods out there and stay on top of the latest developments in our Technology section.


New Reporter System Captures DNA Methylation in Real Time

If a picture is worth a thousand words then surely a video must be worth more? So far, our knowledge about DNA methylation has been limited to a comic strip of static images at different stages. That may all be about to change with a new tool reported by the lab of Rudolf Jaenisch, which […]


Microfluidic ChIP Makes a Few Cells Go a Long Way

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (or ChIP) is a handy technique to study epigenetic profiles, but only if you have enough cells. The main problem with ChIP is that it can be a “greedy” technique that uses large numbers of cells while giving back the bare minimum of DNA as a result. This is problematic for the study of genome-wide […]


Microlasers Hold Big Promise for Next Generation Cellular Analysis

Recent work by Seok Hyun Yun and Matjaž Humar has shown us that laser shows aren’t just for Pink Floyd fans. These crafty researchers incorporated specific structures into individual cells, turning them into self-contained “microlasers”. In its simplest form, laser (or light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) technology uses an energy source to amplify photons bouncing between reflective […]


A Polymerase Evolved for Your Bisulfite Converted DNA

Bisulfite conversion can be used in so many different applications that it’s not so surprisingly referred to as the gold standard for DNA methylation analysis. But getting to the gold can create some problems for DNA. The process of converting methylated DNA (5mC) to Uracil and then finally a Thymine is harsh as it involves […]


ChIPmentation: The Next Fast and Low-Input ChIP-seq Sensation

ChIP-Seq is the bread and butter of histone and transcription factor research. It has seen countless modifications to allow it to perform under all the variables biology can throw at it, but with that specialization has come limitations to generalization. Now the methodological maestros in the lab of Christoph Bock, which brought us single-cell methylome sequencing, […]