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Researchers Don’t Miss a Beat with New Heart Chip

Chips, in most incarnations, are bad for the heart.  Whether you’re frying them, baking them into cookies, or carrying one… [ more ]

New Rising STARs of Transcriptional Activation

If you can pronounce CRISPR, you know RNA-mediated gene control has been a rising star in synthetic biology. In principle,… [ more ]

Capturing Chromatin Conformations Gets Fashionable with cHi-C

Identifying cancer risk loci is like trying to find a key you lost somewhere in your apartment. You know that… [ more ]

An Engineered Synergistic CRISPR/Cas9 Activator Complex for Genome-wide Transcriptional Control

  Presenter: Silvana Konermann, Graduate Student in Dr Feng Zhang’s Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Systematic interrogation of gene function requires the… [ more ]

Express Yourself with Light-activatable CRISPR-Cas9

Guess what? It seems that blue light has a lot more to offer than just helping with your winter time blues…. [ more ]