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  • microRNA: Targets and Tools for Therapeutic Development

microRNA: Targets and Tools for Therapeutic Development


Meeting Summary

microRNAs are playing an important role in a range of diseases such as cancer, metabolic diseases and cardiovascular disorders. Their involvement in many physiological pathways, makes them an excellent target for pharmaceutical drug development and their use as biomarkers or for profiling and screening turns them into a valuable tool for diagnostics. This conference highlights the latest developments in using miRNA’s for health and disease, the novel applications and progress made in manipulating microRNA, and the opportunities for using microRNA as a tool.

Topics Include

  • miRNA as a diagnostic tool
  • miRNA targets for drug development
  • miRNA identification and profiling approaches
  • miRNA as biomarker
  • miRNA as cancer therapeutics
  • microRNA in the clinic
  • Blood-based assays
  • Novel microRNA inhibitors

Meeting Details

Date04 Mar 2013
LocationBoston Marriott Cambridge
Cambridge, MA, USA
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OrganizersMargit Eder