Go Small with EpiSeeker Bisulfite Modification Kit – Whole Cell

In DNA methylation studies, some of the biggest findings come in the smallest sample sizes. But if you’re not using the right bisulfite conversion system, potential gold in samples like tissue biopsies, microdissected samples, and stem cells might be off limits.

That is of course, unless you’re using a slick system like Abcam’s Bisulfite Modification Kit for Whole Cell, which allows the user to perform DNA methylation analysis and modify DNA directly from cells or tissues within only 3 hours.  Unlike some bisulfite kits out there, the EpiSeeker Bisulfite Modification Kit does away with any DNA isolation/purification prior to bisulfite modification, which means one less step to lose sample.

Big DNA Methylation Findings in Small Samples

The Bisulfite Modification Whole Cell Kit is specifically designed for DNA methylation research using minute amounts of starting materials including:

  • Cells cultured in 96-well/384-well plates
  • Tissue section samples
  • Microdissection samples
  • Tissue biopsy and
  • Early embryonic cells/oocytes

 Bisulfite Conversion

Bisulfite Modification Whole Cell Kit shines with minimal sample.

Get the Whole (Cell) Package

Abcam’s Bisulfite Modification Whole Cell Kit allows DNA to be isolated from cells or tissues, denatured and bisulfite modified simultaneously in the same tube with the specific reaction buffer under the thermodynamic condition delivering:

  • Faster Results: A streamlined 3-hour procedure from cells/tissues to modified DNA minimizes your time at the bench
  • Complete Conversion: The protocol converts unmethylated cytosine into uracil: modified DNA > 99.9% meaning better results
  • Minimal Degradation: The lowest degradation of DNA in the modification process: more than 90% of DNA loss can be prevented with unique DNA protecting buffer ensures that your precious sample will be retained


Treat your Samples Today

Your precious samples deserve more than harsh treatment and degradation. Treat them to the Bisulfite Modification Whole Cell Kit and let the findings begin. Learn more at abcam.com.