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  • One Step ChIP with Abcam’s EpiSeeker ChIP Kit

One Step ChIP with Abcam’s EpiSeeker ChIP Kit

Antibody companies like Abcam run a ton of ChIP experiments, so they’re all too familiar with the amount of variability that can lurk in every step of the ChIP protocol.  So what’s the safest way to reduce variability and get consistent results? Reduce the steps of course; and that’s exactly what the EpiSeeker ChIP Kit – One Step does.

One Step to Enrichment

Despite big advances in recent years, many ChIP protocols still take several days to complete. These protocols typically have a number of mixing steps, buffer preparations, and incubations…you know all the steps that can introduce variability in your results.

The EpiSeeker ChIP Kit – One Step eliminates most of these, reducing it all down to one step. These kits come in pre-sealed 96-well plates that contain an optimized reaction for the immunoprecipitation.

Using the EpiSeeker ChIP Kit, you can sit back and enjoy:

  • Flexibility: The 96-well plates can be used a single reaction at a time, or all at once in high throughput settings.
  • Efficient Enrichment: Expect enrichment ratios > 120 and the ability to work with as few as 10,000 cells per ChIP.
  • Reproducibility: What good would flexibility and solid performance be if you didn’t see it every reaction? The EpiSeeker ChIP Kit – One Step shines here with its pre-optimized ChIP conditions and reaction processing in sealed vials.

One Step ChIP Kit

Histone H3K4-trimethyl had no where to hide in this ChIP assay

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Less steps, less variability…check out the EpiSeeker ChIP Kit – One Step Kit today and see how easy this system really is.