Epigenetics Conferences

Unless you're a PI on the speaking circuit, you probably have to be picky with which meetings you attend. Check out these Epigenetics Conferences, Meeting, Seminars and Workshops out and the Conference Highlights from recent meetings so you can make sure you choose wisely.

Type Name City State Country Date
Institute of Molecular Biology DNA Repair and Genome Stability within Chromatin Environments Mainz Germany 06/04/2015
Abcam Conference Epigenetics, Obesity and Metabolism 2015 Hixton Cambridge UK 10/11/2015
Abcam Conference Non-Coding RNA: New Mechanisms and Approaches 2015 Boston MA USA 05/18/2015
NCI Symposium on Chromosome Biology: Chromatin, ncRNA, Methylation & Disease Bethesda Maryland USA 05/16/2015
EMBO / EMBL Symposium Frontiers in Stem Cells & Cancer 2015 Heidelberg Germany 03/29/2015
EMBO / EMBL Symposium Enabling Technologies for Eukaryotic Synthetic Biology 2015 Heidelberg Germany 06/21/2015
EMBL Conference Cancer Genomics 2015 Heidelberg Germany 11/01/2015
EMBO / EMBL Symposium Non-coding Genome 2015 Heidelberg Germany 10/18/2015
EMBL Conference Protein Synthesis and Translational Control 2015 Heidelberg Germany 09/09/2015
EMBO Conference EMBO Chromatin and Epigenetics 2015 Heidelberg Germany 05/06/2015
Gordon Research Conference Epigenetics – GRC 2015 Waltham Massachusetts USA 08/02/2015
Gordon Research Conference Synthetic Biology 2015 Newry Maine USA 06/28/2015
Gordon Research Conference Chromosome Dynamics 2015 Waterville Valley New Hampshire USA 06/28/2015
Gordon Research Conference Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics – GRC 2015 Lucca (Barga) Italy 04/12/2015
Keystone Symposia Precision Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology 2015 Big Sky Montana USA 01/11/2015
American Association of Cancer Research AACR 2015 Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA 04/18/2015
Abcam Frontiers of Cell Signaling 2015 Shanghai China 06/21/2015
Abcam Epigenetics: bridging development and disease 2015 Boston Massachusetts USA 05/20/2015
Abcam Cancer Epigenetics: Environmental Influences and Molecular Mechanisms 2015 Houston Texas USA 03/26/2015
Camdridge Healthtech Institute Epigenomics in Disease: Molecular Med TRI-CON 2015 San Francisco CA USA 02/15/2015
Abcam Functions of Non-Coding RNAs in Evolution, Epigenetics and Therapeutic Applications 2015 Singapore 01/15/2015
Keystone Symposia MicroRNAs and Noncoding RNAs in Cancer 2015 Keystone Colorado USA 06/07/2015
Keystone Symposia Epigenomics 2015 Keystone Colorado USA 03/29/2015
Keystone Symposia DNA Methylation 2015 Keystone Colorado USA 03/29/2015
Keystone Symposia Transcriptional and Epigenetic Influences on Stem Cell States 2015 Steamboat Springs Colorado USA 03/23/2015
Keystone Symposia Long Noncoding RNAs: From Evolution to Function 2015 Keystone Colorado USA 03/15/2015
Keystone Symposia Neuroepigenetics 2015 Santa Fe New Mexico USA 02/22/2015
Keystone Symposia RNA Silencing in Plants 2015 Keystone Colorado USA 02/17/2015
Keystone Symposia Epigenetics and Cancer 2015 Keystone Colorado USA 01/25/2015
Hanson Wade EpiCongress-London 2014 London UK 11/25/2014
Hungarian Biochemical Society Danube Conference on Epigenetics 2014 Budapest Hungary 11/19/2014
Max Planck Institute Max Planck Epigenetics Meeting 2014 Feiburg Germany 12/03/2014

Conference Highlights

Couldn't make a conference? Check out these write-ups of recent conferences and you'll feel like you were there minus the jetlag.

microRNAs Europe Meeting 2014

Epigenetic plasticity: Implications in Neural (dys)function 2014

Chromatin and Epigenetics: From Omics to Single Cells

World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics 2014

Nuclear RNA, Gene Regulation, and Chromatin Structure (2014 IMB Conference)

Transcription and Chromatin

EpiCongress-Boston 2014

Canadian Conference on Epigenetics: Epigenetics, Eh! 2014

RNA-Seq 2014

Cambridge Epigenetics Symposium 2014

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