Ever get that feeling that you forgot something? Well maybe you did, but it doesn't have to be recent epigenetics research if you scope out our Headlines each week.

Tumors a Chip Off DNA Methylation Blocks

It seems that cancer is joining the minimalist trend, and has recently been caught sporting a universal and distinct DNA… [ more ]

3D Epigenome Folding Models

Much like 3D pictures enhance the illusion of depth of picture perception, polymer physics can enhance the depth of organization… [ more ]

Alzheimer Disease Gets Brain Region Specific EWAS

Epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS) appear to be the natural evolution of GWAS that has given neuroscience a epigenomic renaissance. Jonathan Mill and team… [ more ]

University of Ulster Stem Cell Biology Postgrad Diploma

The University of Ulster is offering an entirely online, postgraduate diploma course in Stem Cell Biology and it’s starting soon…. [ more ]

Argonaute CLIP-Seq Reveals miRNA Targetome Diversity Across Tissue Types

First epigenetics knocked Mendel off the high horse of simple inheritance and now it’s taking a shot at Watson and… [ more ]