Ever get that feeling that you forgot something? Well maybe you did, but it doesn't have to be recent epigenetics research if you scope out our Headlines each week.

Multiplexed Targeting of DNMTs Made Possible by CRISPR

Adding to the ever growing potential of genome editing, one of the latest breakthroughs from the lab of Feng Zhang… [ more ]

A CRISPR Way to Create Fusions

As CRISPR continues to evolve into the laboratory version of a Swiss Army Knife, it’s not surprising that another innovative… [ more ]

‘Naïve’ Human Embryonic Stem Cells Found in Culture

Cultured human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) already have some idea of what they want to be when they grow up… [ more ]

Optimized Stem Cell Differentiation Protocol Aims to Mend Broken Hearts

Broken hearts aren’t just for country songs. Millions of people die each year from cardiovascular disease and related complications. Damage… [ more ]

Histone Modification Reading Domains Crack Complex Combos

Having alternatives is always great, particularly when it comes to studying histone modifications.  By using some recombinant proteins of histone reading domains,… [ more ]