Ever get that feeling that you forgot something? Well maybe you did, but it doesn't have to be recent epigenetics research if you scope out our Headlines each week.

Sweet Success: Is a Viable Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes in the Works?

Could we be near a bona fide treatment for a disease which affects over 300 million people? A remedy for… [ more ]

Natural Disasters Impact DNA Methylation

As Polar Vortex II approaches, you’ll be interested in a recent study highlighting the impact of environment stressors on the epigenome…. [ more ]

Epigram: Predicting the Human Epigenome from DNA Motifs

There’s no denying the power of technology in our lives, whether it be your latest and greatest iPhone bending in… [ more ]

Enhancers Share their Genome Editing Turn Ons (and Offs)

Tired of not knowing what really turns an enhancer on? You’re not alone, but luckily an inquisitive team of researchers… [ more ]

More Cleavage: CRISPR Cas9 Can Target RNA Too

Targeted genome editing using CRISPR/Cas9 has been on the forefront of genome editing research lately. The Cas9 system is effective,… [ more ]