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  • Get Tissue-Specific with EMD Millipore’s CpGenome™ 5-hmC Quantitation Kit

Get Tissue-Specific with EMD Millipore’s CpGenome™ 5-hmC Quantitation Kit

One of the few things epigenetics researchers know for sure about 5-hmC, is that it’s highly variable amongst different types of tissues and cell types. So where does your favorite sample fall on the 5-hmC quantity spectrum? Thanks to the new CpGenomeTM 5-hmC Quantitation Kit from EMD Millipore that question is easier than ever to answer.

CpGenomeTM 5-hmC Quantitation Kits are based on a familiar and ultra user-friendly ELISA format that can be adapted to automation and comes complete with a set of 5-hmC standards to deliver precise 5-hmC quantitation.


5-hmC Quantitation that’s as easy as an ELISA.

Break out the Tissues

 The CpGenomeTM 5-hmC Quantitation Kit generates tissue-specific 5-hmC profiles in so many sample types, that it’ll have you dragging out more tissues than a seasonal allergy attack.

5-hmC quantitation makes tissues easy to tell apart.

All you need is 25-200ng of genomic DNA and you’ll be on your way to establishing global 5-hmC levels down to 0.03% of the input DNA. Not only will you be able to characterize 5-hmC levels in your samples, but the quantitation numbers will be on par with well established LC/MS analyses to boot.


Getting into 5-hmC Specifics

CpGenomeTM 5-hmC Quantitation Kits bring highly specific 5-hmC detection to the table, thanks in part to the top quality antibody it uses. There’s virtually no cross reactivity with any 5methylcytosine (5mC) in the sample.

No cross reactivity with mC. No cross reaction from your boss.

Aren’t convinced? Just check out the example above where C, 5mC and 5-hmC standards were analyzed and only 5-hmC was detected; while the other two hovered in the background noise.


CpGenomeTM 5-hmC Quantitation

If you want to get to the bottom of the global 5-hmC levels in your samples, don’t wait any longer. Let the CpGenomeTM 5-hmC Quantitation Kit get you 5-hmC exploration started with a simple, specific and sensitive assay.